17 July 2012

Gushit ni kitu gani?

Gushit is a tanzanian web startup operated by Jigambe Technologies Limited (JTL). Gushit is live and can be found on gushit official website.

Gushit is a website for content sharing, liking, thrusting, commenting and following of publically available tanzanian websites, blogs, forums, social networks etc. 

Anyone can add links containing favorite and interesting tanzanian blog posts, events, forum posts, discussions, job vacancies, news, topic, articles, fashion, classifieds, opinion, headlines, company news, adverts, document links, products or services. 

Yes, you are right, gushit isn't "UCHAMBUZI WA MAGAZETI", it is "UCHAMBUZI WA MTANDAO". You simply get the best and most liked headlines on the internet that are Tanzania specific and friendly.

Great, its simple and quick to add your interesting link to gushit. Just follow these two easy steps:

  1. Find a webpage on the web containing quality, informative, funny, interesting and/or useful Tanzanian content.
  2. Copy the webpage's link address from the box in your browser's address bar and paste it into the bookmark box found at the top part of Gushit Website and click the submit button. 

Yes, that simply and you are done! You are part of the most interesting and time saving Tanzanian website with your fellow Tanzanians. 

Gushit Team.

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